Jun 20, 2024

Hi everyone – an update in these very hard times in Ukraine.

Lena, who started and runs Life at 100% rehabilitation home for mothers and children had a great tragedy in her family a month ago with the death of their soldier son, Arthur, fighting at the front.  His photo is below. He was a true hero, and the video of his military outdoors funeral was extremely moving.  Please pray for Lena, the family, and Ukraine.  I was shocked at footage of rows of hundreds and hundreds of graves of soldiers in the cemetery where Arthur is buried.

Previously, I had shared about the wiring fire that Life at 100% had and the need to completely redo the inside.  Lena told me Arthur had done a lot of work to the home since it started, and he shared the same vision as her for mothers to receive rehabilitation for the sake of their children. So, Lena said she is ‘full steam ahead’ to get this home finished  so that mothers and their children can move back in.  Harvest City Church in Vancouver, Canada has been the main donor funding this house restoration. All that was left internally after the fire were the solid brick walls.  The clean up was massive.  There is now entirely new plumbing, wiring, fire safety features, heating system, new windows and doors,  drywalling of walls and ceilings, tiling of bathrooms, laminate for the floor.  I have included two photos of work in progress.

All the appliances, furniture, bedding etc. were destroyed and need to be replaced.  If you feel you would like to donate towards this, it would be a great blessing.

There is a wonderful piece of news regarding the rehabilitation house. The Christian lady who owns it gave Lena the use of it for a rehabilitation house permanently. However, for $55,000 we have the opportunity to purchase it. A generous individual donor and Light Church in San Diego have donated the funds to buy it.  Lena’s non-profit and the seller’s lawyers have completed the documents and the house sale will close on 25 July.  Lena is so grateful. She said she never dreamed this would ever be possible.

Now for an update on FATHER’S HOUSE.  Bruce and I were in Freiburg, Germany at the end of April to informally visit with people from the 2 non-profits who assisted Father’s House in their escape from Ukraine.  All funding for the children to live in Germany comes from Germany Social Services and the 2 non-profits oversee the running of the homes, where the children live in family groups.  It has been a challenging time to get to this point, but the children are now settled in their life in Germany.  As time passes, there are children turning 18.  Only one has opted to return to Ukraine at this time.

Back in Kyiv, Roma’s daughters, Anastasia and Alina, are very capably running Father’s House.  Although it is no longer a children’s home as such, it is being used in other ways, but continues its heart to help children in need.  They are running programs for village disadvantaged children, displaced children and children suffering from war trauma from living in a constant state of fear.  Through crafts and activities, they are identifying unique talents of children and working with them ‘to reignite hope and possibility’.  The 4th photo below is a group of children  making candles – creating beauty in the midst of war.

Father’s House, Kyiv also provides accommodation to organizations serving children and families, and to medical teams who come to provide help and training.  Humanitarian aid is sent to Father’s House from other countries for distribution by them to orphanages, homes for the elderly and families in need.

Funds can be sent through Ezra to help Father’s House and we pass them straight on.

CHILD RESCUE MOBILE UNIT update – On our way to Freiburg we visited Vera in Basel, Switzerland.  She is in constant contact with the team of social workers in Kyiv and is currently in Ukraine for a visit. We just sent  some children from crisis situations to summer camp in Western Ukraine.

Vera and a brother drive every 6 weeks to Poland in order to purchase a van load of humanitarian aid and food. This van is driven from the Ukrainian border to Kyiv by two other brothers, where it is distributed to many families in crisis.  Below are two families receiving supplies.  A van crammed full, plus gas is $7,000, but with chronic shortages and escalating prices it is well worth doing this. Again, another project we need help with if anyone feels led.

Thank you for your help and support. The war rages on in Ukraine, the destruction is overwhelming, yet these brave people continue serving, doing what they can. Please pray for them. And for victory for Ukraine.