Mar 29, 2022

The group photo below is of Roma leading their first church service together since they evacuated to Germany. Adults and children are now gathering once a week from the 4 refugee camps to hold church.  Here is a photo of one of the refugee camps housing Father’s House (the buildings are made up of metal containers), and a photo of four of the younger boys.   It is a very hard time for them all and many of the children are suffering from severe trauma.  Father’s House has a shortage of caregivers and the teenagers are helping too taking care of children.  The options for the next step are still being researched and evaluated.  It is not an easy task finding somewhere that will house 250 adults/children!  It is amazing the way the adults are making the most of the situation they currently find themselves in and doing their best to help the children in their care.  On 03/28 Roma received news and photos of the damage Russian missiles had done to some houses a 7 minute walk from Father’s House.

Please pray for –

the protection of the physical buildings of Father’s House, and the safety of the 6 men still there feeding and accommodating refugees passing through

for the Father’s House evacuees: the children, especially those experiencing the results of trauma; the caregivers stretched to the limit;  and Roma who is exhausted

direction on the next step for location and housing for the next six months timeframe (we are hopeful that one day Father’s House will be able to return to Ukraine but, of course, so many unknowns)

And lastly, Father’s House needs financial help – we are helping to fundraise to have the funds for accommodation, food, and other needs ready once they leave the refugee camps.